children’s eczema

I have been successfully treating children’s eczema since I was a homeopathic student in 2014. Since then, I have come to the realisation that treating a child with eczema is a process where usually several factors need to be addressed. If the parent is willing to take their child on this healing journey, then a safe and long-lasting cure can be achieved.

Homeopathic treatment for eczema is very different to conventional medical treatment, in which the doctor will just look at the skin and prescribe steroid cream or anti-biotics if the eczema becomes infected. This form of treatment usually leads to the skin healing in one area but popping up in another area. Or the skin becoming weak and thin. In homeopathy we aim to push the pathology out of the body, in a safe and natural way. To do this the individualised remedy for that child needs to be selected. What remedy works for one child does not necessarily work for another.

When I start treating a child with eczema I want to look and see how their skin is presenting and explore what may have been the trigger. Not all eczema’s look alike; some are dry and crack the skin and some present as red and weepy. An inherited factor may need to be addressed or it could be a result of certain food sensitivities.

I need to see if there are any toxins or steroid creams that need to be detoxed. An inherited factor may mean any history of skin conditions or asthma in the family. And finally, I need to know as much information as I can about the child’s temperament and personality. Are they shy, confident or anxious? Are they prone to temper tantrums or very clingy. What foods aggravate their skin and what foods do they love to eat? Do they sleep well or wake several times in the night. All this information will lead me to the most appropriate remedy for them at that time.

As treatment progresses parents often notice not only a change in their child’s skin but in their temperament too. For example, sleep will improve if that has been an issue, or they no longer hate having baths. Because homeopathy is a holistic form of medicine all issues become more balanced or improve. Not just the original symptom that they sought treatment for.

“I can’t recommend Melissa enough. She has completely healed my daughter’s severe eczema and associated emotional issues. Melissa was very supportive throughout the whole process and always available if I needed additional advice”.

H H East Sussex

“Melissa treated my five-month-old daughter after I noticed she had developed eczema patches of skin on her arms, then face and torso. After our consultation the treatment she received was very effective and started working immediately, I noticed that the eczema patches were improving after about a week, and they eventually cleared completely. I will definitely be coming to Melissa for help and advice with any future ailments for both of us, thank you very much”.
M S East Sussex