Homeopathy for Chronic Urticaria

What  is Chronic  Urticaria ?

Chronic urticaria when the skin has wheals and/or angioedema for a total duration of six weeks or more. It can be a debilitating condition which really effects a person’s quality of life.  There is an increase of autoimmune disorders amongst CU patients. Hashimoto’s being the most common, seen in up to 9.8% of CU sufferers. Infections that have also been associated with CU include H pylori, Streptococci, staphylococci plus some viruses and parasites. Interestingly, in studies, food is very rarely found to be the cause, even though around 25% of sufferers report eating certain foods as the trigger.

CU effects between  0.25% and 1.8% of the world’s population. And in women, twice as often as men. It can occur in both children and adults, although it’s most common in 40- 60 year age gap.


Case Study

Christine came to see me because she had been suffering from Chronic Urticaria and was also showing signs of entering into peri-menopause and had a hypothyroid condition.


Chronic Urticaria symptoms included:

Extreme itchiness around the base of her neck. It would become so itchy that she often scratched it raw.

Very dry skin, especially on her forehead, eyelids, around her mouth and on her hands which she was becoming self-conscious about. The Urticaria had first appeared 7 years ago after eating some shrimp. Her lips and body had swelled up and as a result she was put on steroids. She subsequently had a bad reaction to the steroids so came off of them.

She often felt that her body temperature was either extremely too hot or too cold

She commented that she was  also experiencing rage and anxiety which increased even more before her period. She said she felt like she was on an emotional rollercoaster. She also became more particular about tidiness and things being orderly in the lead up to her period.

She was also having night sweats.

There was  a strong craving for sweets and chocolate. But after her period, she wanted salty foods. She was also more tired after her period. Usually, women are more fatigued before their period.

Joint pain was prevalent, which had started 6 months ago which she felt mostly in her hips and sometimes in her wrist.

What stood out about this case was that her mental and emotional symptoms got worse after her partner experienced a recent acute health scare. This left Christine extremely worried and led to her constantly over overthinking and checking on things such as had she locked the front door on leaving the house.


Homeopathic prescription

I prescribed Sepia for peri-menopause symptoms.

A Thyroid support combination remedy.

Urticaria Urens for the Urticaria.

Cortisone for the reaction to the steroids.

Berberis and Chelidonium as a liver and kidney support, for any detoxification that might take place once the remedies start to work.


Follow up consultation results

Four weeks later, on her next appointment she said that she felt much lighter. She was experiencing less anxiety and rage. She was also worrying significantly less about her partner suddenly becoming ill again.

The urticaria on her neck was much better. She described her skin dryness as being 60% better. Her hands were no longer cracking on the back.



All symptoms around her period had gone, such as the low energy, rage and ‘O.C.D’ symptoms. Even her sweet cravings had lessoned.


The extreme body temperature had also gone.


By her third appointment the Urticaria had completely gone. Her moods had continued to improve, and her dry skin symptoms had improved so much she described her skin as actually being soft.


The only symptom that had got worse were her night sweats which increased a few days before her period. This is typical in homeopathy. As the main symptoms are healed and cleared, lesser symptoms can come to the fore to be treated.


I then prescribed Phosphorus for the night sweats and continued with the thyroid support remedy. After this prescription the night sweats were completely gone.


Homeopathic remedies for  Urticaria:

Urticaria Urines
This remedy is actually made from stinging nettles. It antidotes the effects of eating shellfish. It covers violent itching, prickly heat and nettle rash plus red and raised skin.  It works well for hives, chicken pox, burns and bee stings. Symptoms are worse after bathing.


As well as treating Urticaria, this is more of an acute remedy for bee stings and insect bites. There is more swelling with this remedy. The Urticaria is usually worse at night. The skin is hot, dry with gushes of sweat. The Urticaria can be a result of taking anti-biotics.


Rhus Tox
The urticaria in this case can be seen in tandem with arthritis and from getting wet. The skin can be sensitive to cold air. It can also be dry, hot and burning with swelling and intense itching.



Vitaminc C

Vitamin D

Vitamin B12

Increasing the following might be beneficial as studies have found that CU patients are usually deficient in Vitamin D and B12 and symptoms do well with increased Vitamin C.


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