Symptom presentation

These are pictures of a recent  eczema patient of mine that show how effective homeopathy for eczema can be. When Daisy first came to see me  in April and in July after three more appointments. As you can see, her skin has vastly improved but what you can’t tell from the photos is that emotionally, she has changed since starting her homeopathic treatment too.

The eczema was severe and all over her body. The main trigger seemed to be stress and although she had suffered with bad skin since a baby it had got considerably worse since she started school in September. Her mother described Daisy as being an anxious child who was also very clingy and needy and could also be jealous of her mum’s attention towards others. She was shy, especially towards men and had very little confidence. She said that she had also been and anxious and fractious baby. She was also very perceptive, alert and aware. Physically her skin was extremely sore and itchy and she was intolerant to some foods and allergic to cat dander.

Homeopathic approach

I selected the homeopathic remedies for eczema that matched her physical symptoms and emotional characteristics as well as selecting a remedy combo to support her organs of elimination, such as her liver. Slowly her skin began to improve but as it did so, so did her temperament.


After her third appointment using homeopathy for eczema her mum said that her eczema has almost gone. She also described Daisy as being so much more happy and confident and less clingy and jealous. In social situations she is happy to go off and play with other children instead of sticking firmly to her mums side. Even her cat allergy and food and intolerances have cleared. This is what is so wonderful about Homeopathy. As a holistic medicine it treats the whole person not just the one physical complaint that a patient may have originally sought treatment for, and usually provides a long lasting cure. If you think Homeopathy might be right for you or your child please contact me. I offer free 15 minute consultations to discuss or answer any questions you might have.