It suddenly occurred to me the other day that I am successfully treating a lot of women for hot flushes almost with realising it. The reason for this is that rarely do women come to see me primarily for treatment of their hot flushes. It is usually an additional symptom on top of their main complaint, i.e. exhaustion, hypothyroidism, irregular periods or depression. As I concentrate on their main complaint, its almost passing me by that the hot flushes are reducing and disappearing quite quickly after the patient has started their homeopathic treatment. When we get round to discussing the hot flushes the response is nearly always “oh they’re getting better” or “come to think of it they’ve completely stopped now.”

It could be that the main ‘constitutional’ remedy has addressed this symptom along with the other symptoms, as Homeopathy is a holistic medicine after all. But often I give an additional hormone specific remedy, to address the hot flushes along side the main remedy.

Hot flushes can appear two or three years before menstruation ends, especially during the night and before a period. They are caused by low Oestrogen levels, which alter the balance of thermoregulation. The rapid decrease in the body’s target temperature activates thermolysis mechanisms, which, in turn, rapidly increase the body’s temperature setting, resulting in hot flush.

Remedies that are used to treat hot flushes include;


The most common, and my favourite, hot flush remedy.

For when the heat begins in the abdomen and rises up to the face and head, followed by shivering, sweating and a sensation of cold in the back with extreme weakness, headache and the need for fresh air. Sepia has a dark view of things and usually has had enough of her husband and children and has a strong desire to for solitude.



Heat,congested face, thirst with a dry mouth. Can feel like they are suffocating and suffer palpitations. Complains a lot and quick to anger. Can have difficulty sleeping.



Hot flushes appear at night and are worse from the heat of the bed with burning and itching. There is heat at the top of the head but with a feeling of cold on the soles of the feet or a feeling of burning on the soles so that the patient wants to stick them out of bed.



The characteristics of this remedy are hot flushes that burn along the back traveling up the spine and between the shoulders. Plus hot palms and cold feet. Hypersensitive, especially to perfume and can have the sensation that there is a weight upon their chest.



Flushes of heat on the head but not face. Suffers from cerebral congestion and cannot tolerate anything on her head. Can suffer violent emotions.



For when there are sudden hot flushes when the skin is burning hot and seems to give off heat that can almost be felt by another person. Perspiring in covered parts.

Congestion in the head, with redness and swelling of the face. Extremely sensitive to light, noise and touch.



Flashes of heat with a rush of blood to the head and chest. Redness of cheeks and burning of palms and soles of the feet. With a headache that begins in the morning even resulting in a migraine.



A little known remedy that I come across recently and one that I love as the person who might fit this remedy constitutionally is a workaholic who is irritable with her own children and loves exotic foreign things. They can also be tearful and be suffering from mood swings or depression. Hot flushes that come in waves, with sweating at night,between 10pm and 6amm.


For extra support I might offer the Homeobotanicals Female Balance blend of herbs. Prepared in a more Homeopathic way.

This blend contains 11 different herbs including;

Chaste Tree, Wild Yam and Dong Quai.

Don’t forget that Hot flushes can be made much worse by certain triggers such as coffee, alcohol, spicy food, chocolate and smoking.

A more alkaline diet or even Keto diet can help keep them in check.


Don’t wait until you develop other symptoms before seeking treatment for hot flushes. They can be treated safely and effectively with Homeopathy   in a relatively short space of time. Contact me for more details on Homeopathy can help you or to book a free 15min introduction call.