Thyroid hormones help regulate your metabolism, which means it has a great impact on your weight, your energy levels and your mood. A healthy thyroid usually means a happy person. So it is vitally important to keep the Thyroid nourished and healthy.

What causes Hypothyroidism

The thyroid glad lies in the neck at the level of the Adams apple. Its chief function is to facilitate the energy production in the mitochondria, the energy cells of the body. So lack of thyroid hormones, or when your body does not produce enough T4, reduces overall energy production and leads to hypothyroidism.

Thyroid hormone T4 is converted into T3 when extra energy production is needed such as when we go outside and get colder. The T3 then gets to work to create more energy and in this case more heat.

The production of thyroid hormones and their transport around the endocrine system depends on a proper balance of raw materials and enzymes. Therefore a healthy organic diet is vitally important to prevent Hypothyroidism.

Supplements for a healthy thyroid

For optimum thyroid manufacture and the prevention of hypothyroidism these substances have to be present too:

Blue green Algae

Vitamin D

Essential fatty acids







Especially B vitamins, folic acid and Vitamins A, E and C

Hypothyroid diet

Protein in the form of organic wheat, oats, meat, poultry, fish, eggs, pulses and nuts.

Iodine (in moderation) in the form of fish, seafood, seaweed or kelp supplements (100mg)

Selenium is very important in regulating the correct manufacture of T3 and T4 and in nourishing the thyroid and preventing hypothyroidism. However, Selenium tends to be low in our foodstuffs. Just a few Brazils nuts a day can provide you with the adequate amount of selenium that you need as they contain the highest amount of selenium per gram. But be careful not to have too many or ingest on an empty stomach as too many can be poisonous. The recommended amount for supplementation is 70mcg but I think more might be needed if you have thyroid problems or suffer from low immunity.

However, selenium can be reduced in the body if you are on medication for the following:

Acid blockers





Foods to avoid in Hypothyroidism

Enemies of a healthy thyroid

Foods not to eat as they inhibit the manufacture of thyroid hormones: and therefore can lead to hypothyroidism:

Goitrogenic foods, such as the brassicas, cabbage and brussel sprouts.



Pine nuts,





Other causes of Hypothyroidism


You can be born with congenital Hypothyroidism because your thyroid did not develop in utero.

Environmental Poisons

Mercury exposure from dental amalgam and preservatives in vaccines.

High dosage cortisones, given for asthma and rheumatoid arthritis.

Industrial toxins such as dioxins and PCB’s from pesticides and paints.

Glysophates. Used as a pesticide. Always buy organic especially in regard to wheat and oats. You may not  actually be gluten intolerant but effected by the glyphosates sprayed on crops.  Glyphosates affect the liver and therefore the thyroid hormones.

Thyroid depressants

Tea (more fluoride than any other plant due to being grown in fluoride rich soil)








Any drug taken to excess

Flouride. I cannot underestimate how bad fluoride is to the thyroid and humans in general. It is basically an enzyme poison and does significant damage to our thyroids. It is a powerful central nervous system toxin and has even been shown in studies to lower intelligence.

Electromagnetic fields and mobile phones

It might also be worth noting that Thyroid medications, Levothyroxine,Synthroid and Armour can deplete you of  Iron and Calcium.

This in turn can lead to conditions such as Osteoperosis, Anemia and digestive problems.