As a homeopath and mother of an 11 and 15 year old, there are a number of remedies that I have realized I cannot live without. I have compiled a list, [in no particular order] of the ones I find myself using either on a regular basis, or giving out to friends and family for their children. These are great tools to have at hand, especially when that child/teenager comes through the door after school demanding that you fix them, quick.


  1. Growing pains- Guaiacum. This is a great remedy for treating growing pains. Seems to work so quickly.


  1. Teenage spots/ acne- Kali Brom. A way to treat something that can really affect your child’s confidence and with a substance that does not contain harmful chemicals or run the risk of nasty side effects.


  1. Headaches- Kali Phos. From over exertion caused by studying. Great for when they come home from school complaining of a headache.


  1. Virus, colds or feverAconite. For the very first sign that they are coming down with one of the above. Give 1 pill every 15 minutes for 3 doses to nip it in the bud.


  1. Actual fever- Belladonna. Brings down a temperature without having to give Calpol or Paracetamol.


  1. Stomach upsets- Arsenicum. Cannot live with out this remedy. First sign of nausea or vomiting and this little pill usually does the trick.


  1. Fear and anxiety- Arg nit or the triple AAA combo, available from homeopathic pharmacies. For when they are feeing anxious about going back to school or nervous before a performance, for example.


  1. Bumps and bruises- Arnica. What would we do without Arnica? Deals with the shock caused by an accident, as well as the physical effects.


  1. Stings and bites-Apis. Indispensible for anything stingy i.e bee stings, insect bites or nettle rash. Even works on burns and sunburn, if the sensation is stingy.


  1. Sprains and strains – Rhus tox. Strained a muscle on the football field? Over extended in netball? Rhus tox.


*(11. Worms –Cina. Not used so frequently and usually for younger children. I thought it handy to include this).