This cream has a luxurious thick creamy texture. Full of ingredients to maximize moisture content as well as protecting the skin from free radical damage.



Ingredients include:

Sweet almond oil, to make skin soft and supple. Squaline, to guard against wrinkles and age spots. Camelina oil, high in omegas 3 and 6. Cocoa butter, to soften and nourish. Vitamins E and C, high in antioxidants. Prebiotics, to prevent inflammation and therefore skin damage. Animal free collagen, for elasticity. Aloe Vera, to restore and heal. Tissue salts to restore skin cells and attract moisture. Lupin peptides, to prevent collagen and elastin breakdown. Amaranth Co2 botanical extract, for elasticity and to prevent wrinkles. A combination of Jasmine, Orange and Lime essential oils, for a calming, detoxifying and soothing effect, as well as providing a sense of strength, warmth and vitality. Borage Co2 extract. Crab Apple Bach flower essence for a better sense of self image.

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