Recent Patient Feedback

Thyroid Conditions

“I woke with a headache every day but since the remedies I haven’t had any.

For the last 2 years I have been tired with no energy or get up and go. I felt weak and frail.

Now I feel a lot better. My vitality has shifted, and I feel more of a normal person now with a lot more energy. I have started a lot more projects. Emotionally I am now in a good place too.”

Thyroidectomy Patient after second appointment

I’m feeling so much better than I was thanks to the remedies. Even after just a few days my energy increased, my mood got better. I feel so much less anger and my breathlessness has almost gone.

Hyperthyroid patient after first appointment

“Recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism and experiencing all the usual symptoms. Now (after two appointments) I’m feeling “me” again. Emotionally feeling better and a lot less tearful. I have more energy, my sleep is better, my stomach is less bloated, and I’ve lost weight. So far, I have avoided going on any thyroid medication.”

Hypothyroid patient

“My energy has been good this month. I’ve had some tiredness on particularly active days but generally I have had more good days than bad.”

Hypothyroid patient after first appointment

“I have been able to come off my NDT thyroid medication since treatment with Melissa for Hypothyroidism. I am so grateful for her support.”

Hypothyroid patient

“This month has been good. I’m sleeping 6 hours straight now which is amazing! I’m not so tired, I’m more energised. My skin is not so dry. I’m less anxious. My heart palpitations aren’t so big. My TSH levels are nearly half what they were and I’m now on half the dose of Levothyroxine that I was previously on.”

Hypothyroid patient after first consultation

“For the past few months, I’ve actually managed to drop taking my thyroid medication 3 days a week, which I’m really pleased about. I actually feel like I could go further, so I’ll keep you posted.”

Hypothyroid patient

Problem periods/PMS

“My period was so much less painful this month. At least 80% less. I could actually function this month.”

Patient with uterine fibroids

“My anger and anxiety were so bad in the weeks before my period. Now I feel really good. The period cramping has gone too!”

Patient with hormone imbalances after childbirth

“My Period was much more normal. Less intense with the issues and symptoms around my period. So much better.”

Peri-menopause patient


“No hot flushes this month. I’m sleeping through the night now and I’m a lot less irritable and anxious.”

Menopause patient

“Was waking every hour. Now only waking once in the night. Since taking the remedies. I have had no hot flushes. My TSH levels have gone from 14 to 7.06 in the past two month which is great. So far avoiding thyroid medication.”

Hypothyroid patient with menopause symptoms


“The anxiety was affecting every aspect of my life. Now I feel really good. I am focussed, more confident, not so stressed. I’m speaking up for myself, I’m sleeping well and no longer have any headaches.”

Patient with long-term, severe anxiety

Misc. conditions

“I was getting 6-7 migraines a month now I haven’t had one for 7 months. My diverticulitis is also much better too. Thanks Melissa”

Patient suffering from long term migraines and diverticulitis

“I would say my ulcerative colitis symptoms are 95% since taking the remedies.”

Ulcerative colitis patient

Acute Consultations

“Thanks for the remedies, Melissa. They have worked a treat. My ear started to get better as soon as I started taking them.”

Patient with a month-long ear infection after two rounds of antibiotics which did nothing

“I’ve been meaning to email, so we did all the doses yesterday as prescribed, when he went to bed there was only ONE coughing fit! Not multiple! Major shift. The same thing this morning, he had maybe one coughing episode then he was ok. A few episodes here and there mainly with activity but a lot better!”

Young boy with a cough that had been dragging on for weeks.

More Patient Feedback

“Melissa treated my five month old daughter after I noticed she had developed eczema patches of skin on her arms, then face and torso. After our consultation the treatment she received was very effective and started working immediately, I noticed that the eczema patches were improving after about a week and they eventually cleared completely. I will definitely be coming to Melissa for help and advice with any future ailments for both of us, thank you very much”.

“Having spent years on HRT post hysterectomy I decided it was time to ‘go it alone’ and reduce my already low dose even further with a view to coming off completely. However, even though doing this gradually, launched me into a ‘full blown’ menopausal state!!! This will pass I thought, but as the weeks went by with no improvement I decided I needed some advise. I didn’t want to go down the medical route again so I was at a loss. My friend suggested Homeopathy and thought Melissa may be able to help. My hot flushes were out of control as was my aching joints, fuzzy head and lack of sleep. Shortly after taking the remedy Melissa had selected I started to feel better – sleeping more- aches and pains gradually easing and my hot flushes became less frequent and less severe – at last I was starting to get my life back. Now I am free of menopausal symptoms altogether’. I would definitely recommend Melissa to anyone suffering in this way”.

“After just a couple of consultations with Melissa I round the digestive health issues I’d been experiencing for many years improved dramatically. Mellisa is very easy to talk and open up to and I felt immediately at ease on our zoom call. I highly recommend Melissa and homeopathy in general, it is a natural form of medicine with no side effects.”

“My consultations with Melissa were amazing- having suffered from what I thought was IBS for years I eventually sought help from a therapist who looked at health from a holistic perspective not a ‘medical model approach’. The treatment Involved many in depth discussions about my general physical and emotional health with Melissa analysing the data then prescribing an appropriate remedy. The results at first were small changes – but due to Melissa’s determination and professionalism the changes gradually became amazing. I am now in control of my IBS – changed my diet and take more control of my emotional well being”. Thanks Melissa!!!!

“I went to see Melissa when I was suffering with a severe urinary tract infection which was causing me a lot of distress and discomfort. It had ben going on for several months and conventional medicine was not helping. From the beginning the remedies helped, and after several months I was totally symptom free and have not suffered from this complaint again. I really feel that Melissa got to the root of the problem, addressing its cause not just the symptoms”.