It is the beginning of a new school year at the school for Syrian refugee children based in Turkey. Next month we begin our clinic via Skype, treating the children and staff at the school. Two years ago, when we had just begun the clinic, I treated a thirteen year old boy, whose case proved to me the incredible power of homeopathy. He sat down in front of the camera and began to tell me the reason he had come to for treatment.

From the age of 6, which was when he first started to talk, he had had a stammer. He had it most of the time but it was particularly bad when he was at school (especially when having to talk in front of the class) or when talking on the telephone. He found it hard to catch his breath and he did not have enough breath to push out words. He grew red in the face and became more and more anxious, embarrassed and agitated. He also suffered when he was playing football, becoming out of breath and dizzy. He had to sit down and catch his breath before he could begin playing again. He said that he felt his heart and body was shaking from head to toe.
On hearing his condition my heart dropped. How, I thought, can I help with a stammer? I really did think that it was beyond the realms of homeopathy and something that could only be treated with special breathing exercises taught by a qualified speech therapist. I really felt for the boy. He was thirteen, and at an age when he would probably be feeling most self-conscious anyway, without having to deal with all the embarrassment a stammer brings too.
I continued to take the case. He came across as a serious boy. He was originally born with a twin bother. At birth, however, the midwife had cut both their umbilical cords too soon and whilst he had spent time in an incubator because of this, his brother had tragically died. It would seem that the boy had never got over the injustice of this. He blamed the midwife and said that he thought about his brother and the midwife every single day. He had no other symptoms and although he was a refugee fleeing worn torn Syria with his family he did not seem traumatised by this at all. He said that he slept deeply. He didn’t even wake up when a missile struck a house nearby. There did not appear to be any problems with home life. He liked working and building things and he was particularly fond of animals.
I therefore decided to prescribe the remedy Causticum. It is the remedy for a sense of injustice. It also covers ailments from grief and stammering (from excitement or anger). He came back a month later and when I asked how he was doing he said “a lot better”. My jaw nearly hit the floor; I hadn’t truthfully expected to see much improvement. Even the breathlessness and shaking on the football field had improved. I repeated the prescription and when he returned a month later he was quite specific in stating that he felt that his condition was 88% better both in stammering and breathlessness. I didn’t see him again so I can only guess that things continued to improve for him. But this case taught me one lesson and that is to never doubt the power of homeopathy.

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