Puraka SkinCare

The Puraka skincare range consolidates all that I have learned in the past 20 years in the field of natural health, beauty and essential oils.

The base product is made up of cold pressed vegetable oils, which have incredible healing and skin restoring properties. These include Macademia, Apricot kernel and Shea butter oil. Vitamins A, C and E to reduce the skins ageing process and skin voluminisers and rejuvenators such as hyluronic acid, pseudo collogen and Aloe Vera. My face creams have injections of Botanical Co2 extracts and peptides, which prevents elastin breakdown and renew the skins outer layer.

The ingredient that I think sets my skincare apart is the inclusion of homeopathic tissue salts, which were developed by Dr.Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler in Germany in the 19th century. Tissue salts are 12 minerals, prepared in a homeopathic manner, that the human body needs to repair and maintain itself. Certain tissue salts act as a skin cleanser, encourage moisture balance, or act as a tissue restorer.

These are the ones that I have included in the Puraka skincare range. Puraka means inhale in Sanskrit. All Puraka products contain a blend of the best quality essential oils which as well as working on a therapeutic level,as well as having a lovely aroma. Puraka products are 100% natural and do not contain any animal products.

“When I turned 50 I began to experience dry skin and changes that come with it- peeling foundation, flaking around my nose, and more wrinkles. I needed a cream that would hydrate my skin, as the sun damage and deeper lines around my mouth really needed moisture. Antiaging products I’ve tried before have left my skin dry. This cream moisturizes and plumps up my skin and the wrinkles become less defined. I started getting compliments on my skin, about the texture, smoothness, and radiance! I’ve just ordered the active day cream and face serum oil. Looking forward to trying these! I would definitely recommend this product. 5 stars!”
MR Los Angeles, California