Some skin problems are superficial, whilst most others indicate that there is a problem internally. Treating with a cream containing corticosteroids, for example, will supress the symptoms and drive the problem deeper into the body, leading to more severe symptoms elsewhere. Homeopaths believe that the best way to treat skin symptoms is from the root.

When treating with homeopathy, a detailed picture of the patient is taken, as well as the symptoms, to help establish what remedy is needed. This is not a one drug fits all method but totally individual. After taking the remedy, or remedies, a change can begin to happen quite quickly. For conditions such as Psoriasis and eczema, the healing process can take longer. By choosing homeopathy, you know you are getting to the root of the problem and you may also notice an improvement on all levels, both mentally and physically, as it is holistic medicine.

I am amazed at some of the results I have seen when treating skin conditions with homeopathy. A patient came to me recently, with a form of dermatitis. As the skin improved, so did their sleep, bowels and emotional wellbeing. By listening to what our skin is telling us, we can uproot a deeper pathology or underlying emotional issue and return our bodies to a healthier state.