Here is a case study of a very recent patient who came to me seeking treatment for the adverse affects of a recent vaxx to show how quickly her symptoms were turned around after just one  remedy; Aconite,Hopefully it will demonstrate the power of  Homeopathy for the adverse effects of a recent seasonal vaxx can be.

Cathy had had the fourth in a series of seasonal vaccinations nine months prior to coming to see. She had in fact developed some of her symptoms after contracting Covid 19 in 2021  when she developed quite severe symptoms that had lasted for 5 weeks. These included joint pain and weakness which had gradually dissipated. She also had the recommended series of seasonal vaxx’s available at this time, but it was after the fourth one that the following symptoms appeared:

Severe joint pain and weakness.

Fever with chills.


Loss of taste (for 1 week)

Severe palpitations (heart felt like it was jumping out of her body)

Itchiness all over body, going into hives when scratching a lot.

Anxiety and panic attacks with weeping.

Menstrual period slightly erratic and problematic. Craving for sweets and chocolate before period.

Knees feeling like jelly.

Constant fatigue and exhaustion. Especially worse at midday.

Body feeling  very heavy.

Low mood: furious about the smallest thing. Quick to anger, considerably worse before period. Scared of people and crowds.

She also said that she avoided leaving her house now except when absolutely necessary. She was finding social interactions draining and stressful.

She said that although she has always been a bit of a homebody, she used to  enjoyed social interactions and conversations. Now that had all gone, and she felt like she just wanted to shut the door on the world.   After the fourth  vaxx she was signed off work for one month, as her anxiety, on returning, had been so bad. She also had flu 3 weeks prior to our meeting, where she had experienced crippling joint pain.

On the basis of the above symptoms, I decided to prescribe the homeopathic remedy Aconite. This remedy has a big affinity with anxiety, fear and panic attacks. It was a remedy that came up often, during the time when I was treating  Syrian refugee children who had been exposed to the horrors of war and bombings. It comes from the Monkhood plant that grows on high mountains where there is a lot of wind, storms and activity.  It is a major remedy for inflammation and fevers with symptoms that have set in with great rapidity and has a marked effect on the serous membranes and muscular tissue. It  is a great remedy  to take at the very first sign of a cold or flu or you have had a sudden fright or shock.

When Cathy returned 4 weeks later, I was anxious to see the effect the remedy had. I had seen other patients with a reaction to this vaxx but this was the most severe case that I had come across. The first thing I noticed is that she looked different. It’s a little hard to describe but generally she looked happier, calmer and well rested. This often happens in patients when they have responded well to remedy.

When questioned Cathy said that she had begun to feel better on day two of taking the remedy. Her jelly knees went immediately as well as her joint pain and weakness. She no longer feels drained or exhausted with much more energy in the morning. Her craving for sweet things has gone.  In fact, she has even switched to craving salads and greens. She has noticed that she is eating less meat but desiring more fruit smoothies. The feverish feeling has gone. The palpitations have significantly reduced. She is sleeping better. Her anxiety is much less and she is even enjoying going out again. Her reflux has gone (she didn’t even mention that in her previous consultation). Her  menstrual period came on time with no cramps or heaviness. Emotionally she was much better in the run up to her period. So much so that she didn’t even realise that it was coming on. She is sweating less.

She says her itchiness returns on the days she is not taking the remedy (but not going into hives) and she has noticed that she has become a little breathless on walking to work now.  I have decided to increase the days that she is taking the remedy to see if the itchiness continues to clear. I can also see another remedy working its way into the picture which will also need introducing to address the new symptom of slight breathlessness on walking. I’m not concerned about this new symptom. That’s the nature of homeopathy. It clears the layers much like peeling an onion. To reveal what the body would like clearing next to achieve equilibrium and optimum health.

Overall, I’m so pleased on how quickly Cathy’s symptoms have turned around after only 4 weeks of taking the remedies and that she began to feel better on the second day!   Hopefully this case study shows how Homeopathy for the adverse effects of a recent seasonal vaxx can be so powerful. Never underestimate the power of homeopathy. If this story resonates with you and you feel that you have had issues since a certain medical interaction, please feel free to book in for a free 15 minute chat to explore how homeopathy may be able to help you.