Homeopathy for sleep problems

Sleep seems to be a big issue, especially with peri-menopause / menopause women or women experiencing any other hormone imbalances/disruption. It seems to be once you get into a pattern of waking at a certain time it’s hard to get out of causing sleepiness and irritability during the day and is especially disruptive if you work or are busy with certain obligations.


There are quite a few homeopathic remedies for sleep problems but arriving at the right homeopathic remedy for sleep problems takes some information gathering.


During the consultation I ask questions relating to your sleep.


These may include:

What time are you waking?

How many times are you waking?

What is causing you to wake (I.e., to urinate)

Are you currently withdrawing from any medication?

What dreams are you having?

Are you having trouble getting to sleep?

Are you waking at set or random times.?

What are you thinking/ worrying about when you wake?

Do you sleep deeply or is your sleep restless?


The answer to these questions help me arrive at your individualised homeopathic sleep remedy.


Homeopathic remedies for sleep may include:


Magnesium carb

I find myself prescribing this remedy over and over again for women in my practice usually due to hormone imbalances or fluctuations especially around the menopause transition. If you are waking between 2am and 3am and having trouble getting back to sleep then this remedy may be for you. Other characteristics include having anxious dreams and being tired and sleepy during the day. Magnesium carb can help with Homeopathy for sleep problems.



Probably my second most prescribed remedy for sleep issues. For chronic or acute insomnia often bought on by anxiety or anticipation. The characteristic time of waking for this remedy is usually just after midnight or around 4am. Often from anxious dreams or shocks felt throughout the body.


Coffea cruda

This remedy is useful if you have a problem with falling to sleep, usually caused by flows of thoughts or a busy mind. Sleep can be restless with sudden starting. Dreams are pleasant, long or vivid. I tend to find myself prescribing this more to children and teens but not always.



Sleeplessness from extreme exertion, exhaustion or bought on by the nursing of others. Other causes may include maniacal sleeplessness or sleep deprivation. For me, not such a used one, but I thought I would include it in case useful.


Nux Vomica

Very useful if you are unable to sleep due to overindulgence in food or alcohol (we’ve all been there.) Also, useful if withdrawing from sleeping pills or alcohol. Characteristic of waking around 3 or 4am yet falling back to sleep just before it is time to wake up. Experiences nightmares or is irritable during the day.


Cannabis indica

I thought I would include this remedy because it is so useful for anyone withdrawing from smoking Cannabis and is having trouble sleeping as a result. It is also good for any stomach discomfort caused by withdrawal.



If you need a little extra help I also advise:

Daily yoga or exercise  (earlier in the day.)

Avoiding alcohol, tea and obviously no coffee.

Valerian tea.

A bath before bed

Read instead of screen time before bed.


Supplements include:


Vitamin C

Vitamin B1


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