Homeopathy for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

What is Irritable bowel syndrome?

 Irritable bowel is the umbrella term given to any condition affecting the intestines and bowel.  Unfortunately G.P’s don’t know the cause of IBS or how to treat it.  If you are diagnosed with IBS it is usually because no serious conditions such as Diverticulitis or Crohn’s have shown up as positive in tests. However, symptoms can be just as debilitating and unpleasant and include:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Abnormal bowel habits
  • Wind,
  • Bloating
  • Distension (a widening of the girth of the abdomen) mucus in stools.
  • One third of IBS patients suffer from bouts of constipation. One third of IBS patients suffer from bouts of diarrhoea, others don’t fall into a single pattern.
  • Other symptoms include feeling tired, feeling sick, backache and bladder symptoms

It’s a very common condition, affecting up to 20% of the U.K population with more females suffering than males. Most prominently in the 20-40 age group.


Medications prescribed include:

  •  Imodium (Loperamide) for diarrhoea
  • Laxatives for constipation.
  • Antibiotics for bacterial infection
  • Antacids for heartburn


Homeopathy for Irritable bowel syndrome, when treated individually, can be very effective. The results of which can be found in this RCT trial. RCT being the gold standard for treatment testing. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S1550830722001690

Homeopathy facilitates a permanent cure by addressing the individual symptoms and possible cause.


Bacterial infections such as food poisoning.

Bacterial infections caused by food poisoning often leads to Leaky gut where undigested foods and bacteria leak into the gut.

Stress and anxiety

Homeopathy is one of the few natural forms of medicine which can address mental and emotional symptoms safely and without any side effects.

There are many homeopathic remedies that are suitable for treating IBS, but the key to homeopathy for irritable bowel syndrome  is to treat the individualised symptoms of that patient. That is one of the key differences in homeopathy to allopathic treatment.

Food sensitivities

Most patients have food sensitivities which can make their IBS symptoms worse.

These include:

  • Gluten
  • dairy
  • sugar

Cutting them out may help  but patients may still be left with symptoms.


Case study

I have included a case study of a recent patient suffering from IBS whose symptoms responded extremely well to homeopathic treatment.

Becky came to see me because she had been suffering with IBS since childhood (she was now in her mid-forties).  Symptoms had got worse after a severe case of food poisoning in her late twenties and having her gallbladder removed, in her mid-thirties due to gallstones. She had a long history of anti-biotics and had more recently been diagnosed with H-pylori.


Her symptoms included:

Loose stools (often with undigested food visible).

Gas and wind.

Anxiety especially (around her health)

Intolerance to eggs, dairy, gluten and coffee.

Brain fog and a sense of overwhelm.



Becky worked for herself and as such had a heavy workload, which could be demanding and stressful. She described herself as a perfectionist. There was a history of cancer in her immediate family and there was also some unresolved grief that I felt was also having an impact on her health.

Because of her condition she had to eat very slowly or else her symptoms would aggravate.

Due to raised histamine levels before her period she would experience symptoms such as tightness in chest, insomnia, and irregular periods.

First prescription


In this case I prescribed a remedy which I hoped would match her physically, mentally and emotionally, plus remedies to support her liver and kidneys, which were under strain due to the characteristics of her symptoms. Her main constitutional remedy was Natrum Phos. I also prescribed Berberis and Chelidonium to support the liver and kidneys.

Remedies prescribed

Nat Phos is a remedy for addressing excess acidity, diarrhoea, flatulence or a disordered stomach. Mentally and emotionally, it covers fear and anxiety. Symptoms are worse before menstruation.


A great remedy to support the liver and Kidneys. Indicated for gallstone colic, bladder disorders and inflammation of the kidneys.


Used for disorders of the liver but also acts on the spleen, kidneys and right side of the abdomen. Also indicated if you are cross and irritable or have a despondent temperament.

Follow up

When she returned for her follow up appointment four weeks later, she had a lot to report.

Immediately after beginning the Natrum phos her symptoms had got worse. I took this as a  good sign, as it indicated to me that the bodies vital force has been stimulated and a healing response was taking place.

The worsening of symptoms lasted  for three days.  She also found that she was much more emotional over this period and  was particularly weepy and irritable. Gradually all symptoms abated and by the time she saw me she was in a much better place. I decided to repeat the prescription as things were progressing well.


Seven weeks after starting her first course of remedies Becky contacted me to say that all her IBS and H-pylori symptoms had gone. Her bowel movements were normal, she was no longer anxious, her hormones felt rebalanced and  her last period had been relatively symptom free. I have to admit that I was surprised at how effective this remedy was in clearing all Becky’s symptoms. I initially thought that I would have to prescribe remedies to clear the history of antibiotics or  address hormonal issues as treatment progressed. This was not the case. The Natrum phos worked beautifully  in addressing all her symptoms.

She was so pleased to be feeling “the best that she had felt in years”. So much so that she had decided to continue her healing journey by looking into studying natural health.


Other remedies for Irritable bowel syndrome

Because homeopathy is an individualised form of medicine, the remedies that worked for Becky may not work for someone else. So I  have included  some other IBS appropriate remedies.


Feeling fullness in stomach after eating little. Bloating and belching and great weakness of digestion. Poor self esteem and  self confidence.



Ailments triggered by anger. Colic or cramping pains causing the patient to bent double. Diarrhoea with green, yellowy stools  soon after eating or drinking.

Nux Vomica

Acid indigestion with nausea. Angry and impatient. Constipation with ineffectual urging. Toxic liver from drugs, alcohol and chemicals.

Arsenicum album

Involuntary  offensive stools. Copious diarrhoea . Much anxiety, especially felt in the stomach. Burning and pressure felt in rectum.


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