How can I shift my Hypothyroid weight gain? – This is a question that I am asked many times by new hypothyroid patients to my practice. Here I try to explain what is behind this phenomenon and how homeopathy and other natural support may be able to address this.

hypothyroid weight gain

(Your Hypothyroid is not causing your weight gain. Your liver is).

Do you suffer with hypothyroidism  and are struggling to lose weight? This may be due to fluid retention. And the fluid retention maybe caused by an overloaded or fatty liver. When the liver is overloaded the lymphatic system steps in to filter out toxins that the liver cannot cope with.

When the lymphatic system becomes congested with matter that it is unable to process it moves it around the body. It becomes trapped in pockets of fluid which is interpreted as weight gain. No matter how much dieting or exercise you do, you still cannot shift the weight. Even if you are on thyroid medication, which may even make matters worse.


Factors causing a fatty liver and therefore hypothyroid weight gain.

 Thyroid medication.

It saturates the adrenals which in turn congests the liver.


Epstein-Barr virus

At some point you may have been exposed to this virus which would have lived in your liver before moving on to your thyroid. Some of the virus may have stayed in the liver feeding off antibiotics, pesticides, and heavy metals.

Unhealthy diet and alcohol

Fatty, sugary foods and alcohol  which put a strain on your liver.


How Homeopathy can support the liver and adrenals

Homeopathic support remedies

Berberis and Chelidonium are the number one remedies for liver and kidney support, and I use them a lot in my practice especially when treating thyroid patients. It is gentle and effective in supporting and detoxing the liver and kidneys with no nasty side effects and helps with Hypothyroid weight gain.

Homeopathic constitutional remedy

This is your main remedy (prescribed by your homeopath) and as such does the most work in correcting imbalances in the body such as clearing the Epstein-Barr virus from your body. Because thyroid conditions are complicated and effect many organs such as the liver I usually have to prescribe support remedies as listed above to help things along.

Other liver support tools

Liver support supplements 

Another tool that you can use to support your liver to keep it functioning at its best. I like this blend because it  includes a very comprehensive mix of vitamins and minerals alongside herbs to provide maximum support for the liver.

Homeobotanicals liver blend

A blend of herbs prepared in a more homeopathic way to support and cleanse the liver.

They include:



Dandelion Root

Fringe Tree

Globe Artichoke

Greater Chelandine


St Mary’s Thistle


*Homeobotanicals can only be prescribed and purchased through a natural practitioner so please contact me for details.


Juices and Tea’s

Celery juice 16oz on an empty stomach

Kills of Epstein Barr virus in the body.


Lemon juice in hot water first thing in the morning


Ginger water in the afternoon


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