Homeopathy for Anxiety and Depression

As a Homeopath, I have seen how this natural form of energy medicine can be so effective in treating anxiety and depression. It is estimated that 1 in 4 people in the U.K and nearly 1 in 2 in the U.S will suffer at some point from a mental health issue. Most people are prescribed anti-depressants such as Citalopram or Sertraline. These can come with certain side effects such as dry mouth, excessive sweating, headaches, nausea and feeling tired or weak. In some cases, patients, especially young people, can actually feel  more suicidal when they first begin  taking  Sertaline. Also these  pharmaceutical medications  never get to the underlying cause of the condition. They only act in putting a plaster over the emotional wound or condition. What a lot of people do not realise is that Homeopathy is one of the few therapies that can affect a long lasting mental and emotional cure. Without any inconvenient or harmful side effects. So homeopathy for anxiety and depression should be considered if you are trying to avoid going on anti-depressant  medication.


Triggers for anxiety and depression

There are many reasons for why a person experiences anxiety and depression. Some are due to childhood trauma or past traumatic events. Some appear to be caused by an inherited tendency and some can even be a result of a hormone imbalance such as prompted by the menopause. Whatever the reason a homeopath will usually be able to identify the trigger or contributing factors and work with that to identify the necessary remedies that a patient needs. Which in turn help lifts or calms the mood and restores a sense of balance and equilibrium, no matter how severe the symptoms.



Case studies

Here are some examples of how homeopathy for anxiety and depression has been able to help some of my patients:

Patient A was a woman whose anxiety was affecting every aspect of her life. She had very low self-esteem which resulted in persistent rows with her partner and felt extreme anxiety on a daily basis. She would get very stressed about work and when things got too much she would just withdraw into her bedroom, often binge eating and drinking, which would make her feel worse. All symptoms escalated just before her period. Her issues stemmed from childhood trauma and neglect. There was a history of mental health issues in the family. After several months of treatment, the patient was no longer anxious, and had a much better sense of self-worth. She was coping well with work and had stopped the tendency to self-isolate, binge eat or drink or show any obsessive behaviour. By the end of her treatment, nine months later, was feeling “really good and happy”.


Patient B had severe anxiety with palpitations and suffered from O.C.D. Sometimes the anxiety went into depression when things became too much, resulting in her spending days in bed. Sometimes she would experience panic attacks. She said she had always suffered with anxiety, but her symptoms increased significantly after a recent traumatic event. There was also a history of alcohol and. mental health issues in the family. After the first appointment she reported that her mood had started to improve immediately, and she also felt more energised. After her fourth appointment she was only experiencing the occasional bad day and had significantly reduced her anti-depressant medication.


Patient C had felt depressed for over a year after a sudden, shocking death by a close family member. She saw no future, was crying all the time and was comfort eating. It was as if she was stuck in a grief state and totally unable to move out of it. After several months of working through the remedies she is now in a much better place and does not need to go on medication, which her doctor had recommended when she first came to see me.


Homeopathy can also work very quickly in alleviating feelings of depression. This month a new patient contacted me to tell me that after taking her first prescription her depression had started to lift and she had much more energy. This week another new patient contacted me to ask whether it was possible that the remedies she had received a day or two ago could have such an immediate effect. She started to instantly feel better after taking them for anxiety and depression.  The remedies I prescribed for any manic episodes occurring around her period began to help immediately. She said that she found it quite incredible.


The key in prescribing is to cover all presenting symptoms and what I suspect to be the root cause. Modern medicine is not able to treat the cause, only the effect. That is why homeopathy can achieve a significant reduction or elimination of symptoms and promote a lasting cure.

Homeopathic remedies for anxiety and depression

There are many remedies listed under anxiety or depression in the homeopathic Materea Medica. Here are some examples of my most used remedies.


Covers the most severe states of depression. The patient is in a state of melancholy, hopelessness, and depression. The future looks dark. They have no self-confidence. They can be grief stricken, suffering after a financial loss or carrying an exceptionally heavy workload or sense of duty.  They feel sad, forsaken or even homesick. They can have a disgust of life and be full of despair. With any opportunity sought for self-destruction.



Full of anxiety, especially of what might happen. Many fears, especially of failure, crowds, death and the dark. Particularly for people who have lived under severe fear for a long time, victims of abuse or childhood trauma. They can be fastidious or suffer from OCD. Passionate people who over-extend themselves or are very sympathetic.



This patient is usually sensitive, nervous, hurried, and anxious. They have a lack of self- control and do a lot of things to excess such as drinking, shopping, exercise.  This remedy covers panic attacks, claustrophobia as well as bi-polar disorders and severe mood changes. I have seen this remedy work well in severe PMTD caused by extreme hormonal imbalances.


Natrum Mur

Covers ailments from chronic grief, fright, anger. They dwell on past events but cannot express their symptoms i.e by crying. They are depressed and introverted, usually with a feeling of isolation. They can be mentally shut down and closed off since a grief, divorce, or a broken relationship.

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