Why am I still feeling crap even though I am on Thyroid medication and my blood results show up as normal range?

 The adrenal fatigue and thyroid connection.

 That is a question I hear a from new patients who come to see me seeking treatment for their thyroid condition even though they are on Thyroid medication. If hypothyroid symptoms such as low body temperature, fatigue, dry skin, constipation, hair loss and weight gain persist despite thyroid medication and blood tests showing a normal range there must be another component.

It may be a result of a low adrenal reserve.  Low adrenal reserve occurs when you’re under a great deal of stress and, as a result, your adrenal glands just can’t keep up with your body’s demands for hormones.

When the adrenals glands are weakened or exhausted, the ability of the adrenals to handle the stress associated with normal bodily functions and energy requirements is often compromised. To ensure survival, the adrenals force a down-regulation of energy production, putting the body in a state of catabolism. In other words, the body slows down its metabolism to reduce the workload of a body that needs rest. In times of stress, this is exactly what the body needs. The thyroid gland, which controls metabolism, will then down-regulates its activity by producing less hormones T4 and T3. But at the same time thyroid medication is trying to ramp up metabolic function and energy output causing a conflict of interest in the body. It may lead to a temporary relief of symptoms and a slight boost in energy at first. Laboratory levels of T4, T3 and TSH may appear improved. However, this is often short lived. Ultimately, fatigue returns as the thyroid medication further weakens the pre-existing adrenal fatigue condition and often precipitates an adrenal crisis.

Thyroxine (T4) has to be converted into an active thyroid hormone (T3) in order to work. If you have a low adrenal reserve this does not happen, and your body can become toxic with unused T4. T3 also has to be passed into cells which is difficult if there is adrenal insufficiency and again causes more toxicity, which in some cases leads to Addisons disease. So, the cause of still feeling dreadful even though you are on thyroid medication is due to the adrenals, which is something not generally considered by medical doctors as they do not recognise low adrenal reserve.

If your thyroid medication is not being used properly and not being taken up into body tissues, it will still cause blood levels to be normal or even raised. This is very common, but a patient may never be well unless adrenal insufficiency is addressed. It is estimated that 70% of people taking thyroid replacement medications continue to complain of symptoms. It is not unusual to have concurrent presenting symptoms of both low adrenal and low thyroid functions. Patients who are diagnosed as hypothyroid after a traumatic and stressful event such as pregnancy, accident, infection or an emotional trauma such as divorce or death of a loved one would be a prime example of why thyroid medication is not working. Because their adrenals were being compromised to begin with. In order for the patient to start to feel better the adrenals need to be supported to begin to work effectively and efficiently.

In my homeopathic practice one of the thyroid support remedies that I often prescribe is Adrenalinum. As you can see it has many characteristics of an under active thyroid.

These include:



Anxious and restless

Lack of interest in anything

Aversion to mental activity

Cannot concentrate on thoughts

Rheumatic pains in limbs

Ravenous hunger

Great sleepiness and drowsiness

Addisons disease

Adrenalinum is a great remedy to have in my arsenal of remedies because it works to support the adrenal glands in times of stress when extra pressure is put on it leading to low adrenal reserve.

Other actions you can take to support adrenal reserve include:

Go to bed by 10pm for maximum sleep during which most cortisol production happens.

Reduce stress with:



Listening to calming music

Reducing screen time



Eat a healthy Organic diet

Sufficient salt and Potassium in a ratio of 5 Potassium to 1 salt.

Potassium is found in bananas and avocados


Avoid coffee and alcohol and refined carbohydrates.


Increase Vitamin C as it is absorbed in times of stress


Other important Supplements include:

Vitamin B5 &B6


Siberian Ginseng

Omega 3’s

Coenzyme Q10






Freeform Flavonoids

Adrenalinum is just one of the remedies in my homeopathic toolbox that I find appropriate for certain people if the symptoms fit. But I cannot stress enough that the most important and effective way to deal with an under active thyroid naturally, is to undergo treatment with a qualified homeopath who will work with you to treat your symptoms in a safe, holistic, non toxic way. Enabling long lasting healing.

For more info how I or homeopathy may be able to help you feel free to book in for a free 15 minute Zoom chat.